About Us

Garrett Hewitt International (GHI), is a leading world-wide supplier to the cosmetic and perfume industries since 1964. GHI stays on the cutting edge of designs and technologies trends to provide our customers with innovative and proven solutions to their cosmetic and perfume needs. Combine design and technology expertise with our experience and dedication to excellent customer service and you will see why GHI is a long time partner to many of the world’s leading cosmetic and perfume companies.

GHI is a full service supplier with a comprehensive range of brushes, applicators, cosmetic containers, puffs, sponges perfume dispensers, bulb atomizers and accessories. We also provide turnkey development services that utilize the finest ingredients and in-house chemists. Developed products can be finished with an assortment of retail-ready packaging and printing options.

Many of our factories were established in Asia over 40 years ago and have become a model by which many subsequent factories have followed. Strict quality control systems troughout all phases of production ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products. GHI looks forward to having the opportunity to serve your team’s needs.