Bulb and Purse Spray Atomizers

bulbpurse 2Bulb Spray Atomizers – Garrett Hewitt International is the leading supplier of bulb atomizers in the world. Our bulb spray atomizers are offered in most GCMI and Europa threaded neck sizes. The fabric is offered in a variety of available colors, or we can match your custom color. We have many stock options to choose from or our in-house tooling department can create a custom sprayer designed to fit your brand image.


There are often more than 20 different parts that make up a bulb spray atomizer. Each must work perfectly with others to achieve a spray pattern and dosage than is the same each time. It takes highly skilled factories and technicians ensure every atomizers performs as it should and GHI’s factories are the best. That is why our customers are the largest fragrance companies in the world and also small private label perfumeries.




bulbpurse 4Purse Spray Atomizers – If you have an idea for a purse spray atomizer we either have it or can create it for you. GHI can take a plastic or metal atomizer and apply many different finishes, designs or printing. We can also add tassels, charms, clips or a necklace to make it unique. Top fragrance companies use GHI for our ability to create something truly custom or out of the ordinary. We would love the opportunity to create the perfect purse spray atomizer for your needs.