Cosmetic Brushes and Applicators

black-red brushesGarrett-Hewitt International provides the finest quality brushes and applicators available in the world. We are able to provide these to our customers with surprising value. This is because brushes have been our business for more than 40 years so GHI has been able to establish the most efficient production methods and raw material supply chains that in turn, keep our prices extremely competitive.


cosmeticbrushes 2GHI has decades of experience taking a brush from initial design concept, through production to final delivery to our customers. We offer a vast selection or brushes that can be customized using and array of color, printing and packaging options to adapt to your brand. If a new design is necessary, our design team will create a truly unique product based on your idea input.



Mixed-brushesManufacturing the finest brushes in the world is achieved by adhering to strict quality control processes in our long-established manufacturing facilities. Every stage of the brush manufacturing process is performed in one facility by expert brush makers who use the finest quality natural and synthetic fibers. The whole manufacturing process is under the watchful eye of our quality control team who ensure what is delivered to you is exactly what you require.


cosmeticbrushes 4GHI produces tens of millions of brushes and applicators every years. Our customers run the gamut from makeup artist and luxury brands to the largest mass market companies in the world. We look forward to assisting you to develop the perfect brush or brush line for your specific needs.