Cosmetic Brushes and Applicators

cosmeticbrushes 1Garrett-Hewitt International provides the finest quality brushes and applicators available in the world. We are able to provide these to our customers with surprising value. This is because brushes have been our business for more than 40 years so GHI has been able to establish the most efficient production methods and raw material supply chains that in turn, keep our prices extremely competitive.


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Cosmetic Containers

cosmeticcontainers 1Product packaging directly impacts revenues and profitability. Choose from our extensive line of stock designs or have GHI create customized packaging to meet you needs. We have a container or container series that can meet the most discerning needs of luxury brands or give quality and style to the mass market customer at an affordable price.

Hundreds of different styles of compacts, pots, jars, bottles, lip sticks and lip glosses are available to choose from in many different sizes and materials. We can turn your vision for a cosmetic container line into reality with our in-house design team and tooling facility. Meeting a specific need that has to fit into an existing line is no problem with our extensive line of stock containers.

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Puffs and Sponges

puffssponges 1The quality of the material used and the correct sponge or puff design is key to excellent makeup performance. Our specialty factories use the finest materials and innovative production methods. GHI supplies sponges and puffs to both the finest luxury brands as well as the largest mass market brands.

Puffs – Highly skilled manufacturing and strict quality control make the difference between a good puff and a great puff. For the finest quality puffs, GHI’s skilled machinists will achieve a puff with the finest edges. Our factory has developed unique machinery to give the best heat-sealed edges available. Styles include compact puffs of any shape, pocket puffs, plush puffs and eco-friendly puffs.

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Bulb and Purse Spray Atomizers

bulbpurse 2Bulb Spray Atomizers – Garrett Hewitt International is the leading supplier of bulb atomizers in the world. Our bulb spray atomizers are offered in most GCMI and Europa threaded neck sizes. The fabric is offered in a variety of available colors, or we can match your custom color. We have many stock options to choose from or our in-house tooling department can create a custom sprayer designed to fit your brand image.


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